Verdant Bioscience

Cultivation Consulting & Management

The Green Rush has pioneers all over the world excited to jump into the cannabis market. Cannabis is an adaptable plant, and with the explosion of applications it can seem easy to set up a grow and just start watering. The reality is that growing is hard., With a matrix of genetics, mediums, amendments, and environmental controls that must be balanced to ensure your plants achieve their maximum potential, it can be easy to get in over your head, and start making costly mistakes. Take the guess work out of your cultivation by working with our experienced professionals at any stage of your project.

Breeding/ Genetics

We are always looking for partners interested in working together for breeding projects. We are a data-driven organization, committed to developing diversity in the plant expression. We believe in the broadest applications for the end of prohibition and feel passionate about supporting cannabis and hemp proliferation to improve sustainability around the world.