Plate of Pan Fried Garlic Lion's Mane with dipping sauce

Pan Fried Garlic Lion’s Mane

This recipe is simple, quick, and yummy. Grab your favorite dipping sauce and let the wonderful flavors of Pan Fried Garlic Lion’s Mane take you away.

Plate with a Lion's Mane Lobster Roll with a side of potato chips

Vegan Lion’s Mane Lobster Roll

Cut the fat and the guilt with our mouthwatering, homemade Lion’s Mane Lobster Roll recipe. This recipe will make enough to share, but after one bite, you may not want to. You’ve been warned!

Plate of Pan Fried Garlic Lion's Mane with dipping sauce

Vegan Orange Chicken Lion’s Mane

Sweet, savory, perfection… that’s Vegan Orange Chicken Lion’s Mane. Lion’s Mane on its own has a unique flavor that makes it the perfect, smarter meat alternative. One taste of this dish will leave you wondering why Lion’s Mane hasn’t been in your to-go orders all along

White plastic cutting board with a sliced Lions Mane Steak

Vegan Lion’s Mane Steak

Lion’s Mane Steak is a savory umami-rich main course with bite, this vegan steak recipe starts with a quick browning in a cast iron skillet, then roast in a preheated oven. Perfect for a dinner party or quiet night in.