About Us

Grit & Experience

The Verdant Leaf Family brings together a diverse set of minds to help navigate the quickly-changing legal cannabis industry. We vertically integrated after individual experiences in the highly-regulated market, and have committed to finding right, and doing right, while growing right.


Cultivation Management
Breeding/ Genetics
Organic Cultivation Consulting
Go-To-Market Strategy
Processing Manager

An Oklahoma transplant, Dalton combines a mid-West work ethic and an artisan’s attention to detail. Dalton is especially passionate about cannabis medicine after a childhood bout with leukemia and a distrust of pharmaceuticals. After a successful 5 year career in competitive skateboarding, Dalton coached at Camp Woodward, a training facility for aspiring extreme athletes. He chose to change careers in order to join the family business. After several years on the farm he was excited to launch VL processing and bring organic certified Live SHO and carts to market. Family loyalty is a consistent theme for Dalton; when he isn’t processing or market testing, he plays drums and guitar with his son and enjoys hitting the slopes to relive his glory days.

The Wizard

Kyle Danley has been cultivating cannabis for 10 years. A Detroit native, Danley attended college for creative studies before launching a career to enjoy and expand his talents. He is experienced in tattooing, cabinetry, media production and currently has murals exhibiting in DC, Seattle, LA, and Detroit. On the farm he is known as The Wizard for his aptitude for problem solving both agri-tech and creative issues. Kyle is critical to many of the farms technical innovations and he masterminds both the environmental controls for different growing methodologies and the artistry behind VL’s aesthetic. When not making things more beautiful or efficient, Kyle can be found outside with the farm mascot Ani, his old English bulldog, or curled up with a good book.


Wes Parks is an experienced entrepreneur and a cannabis cultivator. From starting his first organization at age 17, he has a demonstrated track record of building successful ventures. Wes has been cultivating cannabis for over 12 years, professionally at scale for first medical and then recreational markets. He has personally cultivated in a range of mediums from fully hydroponic/aeroponic systems, to coco coir or peat based soilless mediums, to living soil organic methods. A scientist at heart, Wes is most happy among the leaves, chatting chemistry, amendments, and living soil biology. While running a company doesn’t leave much time in the greenhouse, Wes’ signature hiking boots make sure he is ready to get his hands dirty and his fingers in the roots at a moment’s notice.


Rex Koehler is a cultivator with 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry. His passions include cannabis, farming, and expanding his knowledge in the field of botany. Rex believes in the ideals of a healing community, healthy food, meditation, and family. He strives to be outside exploring the natural landscapes of the earth, often accompanied by his family of strong women. Rex has professional experience in microbiology, plant nutrients, pest and disease prevention, climate control and water quality. His longevity in the industry and breadth of experience has created a wide network of specialists he consults with regularly while continuously experimenting to improve.


Miranda Weigler combines operational expertise and corporate strategic thinking. After a professional career in international academia and global corporate consulting, she returned to her roots to help build the legal cannabis industry. She loves talking edible branding, growth strategies, and emerging markets. Miranda studied a bunch of academic stuff in the UK for a long time, and then spent a decade coaching international debate around the world. She loves complicated problems, advocacy, and whiteboards. She is excited to help you work through your challenges, whiteboard it out, and define manageable next steps.


Leroy Tapia is a serial entrepreneur, with decades of experience in building successful businesses that grow communities. From an early start working on his family’s dairy farm, he established the value of hard work and integrity he still models today. He has invested time and energy into everything from oil and gas, to solar energy, construction, real estate, IT infrastructure and now cannabis. He is a hands-on manager who believes in empowering teams and developing talent.