Hidden Costs of Off-the-shelf

As the cannabis industry grows from small-scale and medical farms into large industrial facilities, one of the elements that has been slowest to evolve is the customized nutrient segment. Many growers make the understandable mistake of using off-the-shelf nutrients as they have always done, not understanding how at-scale the percentage of waste and the environmental impact adds up. So many variables can impact how your plants consume and utilize different components, as you scale it becomes increasingly important to customize your applications- both for the planet and your bottom line.

Customized Nutrient Schedule

At 1838 we customize your nutrient mix based on years of experience and detailed overviews of your personal growing style through analysis of data. Once we understand your unique environment, we provide an adjusted amendment mix over time to improve the electrical conductivity (EC) of the plant, and the bioavailability of the of the nutrient mix. This improves your environmental footprint, lowers your cost by reducing nutrient waste and the need for constant flushing, and increases your terpene values.